Free Lectures on Wednesdays, 7:30pm
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Lecture Series


Palm Beach Photographic Centre presents its 29th annual Lecture Series, our annual lecture series featuring the nation’s leading photographic and digital artists, who are at the Centre to conduct workshops as part of our Master Artists Workshops program. Beginning at 7:30 PM each Wednesday during the season, the week’s workshop presenters speak openly about their work and its development, or on topics related to their workshop. Unlike any other program in the region, the Lecture Seriesis a casual opportunity to hear and meet such artists as Dan Burkholder, Ross Whitaker and Vincent Versace, among dozens of other leading figures in America’s photographic community. The program is free to members of the Centre and open to the general public. Presenters are confirmed each week in advance of their workshops and lecture appearance. Please call the Photographic Centre with any questions and to confirm a particular lecturer at 561.253.2600. As always we look forward to seeing our members and to meeting new faces at these enjoyable and informative artist talks.

Free Lectures at the Photographic Centre
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Held each Wednesday evening from February through April. Lectures begin at 7:30 p.m.

West Palm Beach Library, 3rd Floor Auditorium
(above the Palm Beach Photographic Centre)
411 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Enter through the library and take the elevator to the third floor. The lecture room is through the doors you will find on the third floor, straight ahead, toward the back of the library.

Free to Members
$10 to General Public

* Minimum credit card charge is $25

2015 Lecture Schedule

The lecturers each week are one or more of the instructors who are teaching classes at the Centre that particular week. To confirm that a particular presenter will be lecturing, please call the Centre before the lecture at 561.253.2600.

Tentative Schedule


Media, Internet and Law Enforcement or FREE SPEECH vs. PUBLIC NEEDS & RIGHTS

WHO & WHAT?: Presentation and Q&A by Mickey H. Osterreicher, Esq., General Counsel of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

Scott Mc Kiernan, Senior Staff Photographer of ZUMA Wire Service and Publisher of DOUBLEtruck Magazine (whose exhibition SEEING DOUBLE is presently on the walls of the Museum) will join for the Q&A

WHEN?: 7:30 to 9:00pm

WHERE?: The Palm Beach Photographic Centre Museum

COST? FREE and open to one and all. Free legal advice! When is the last time you got that?

1/28/2015 Vincent Versace

Julie Adair King
Exploring the New and Improved Photoshop Text Tool
Creating text in Photoshop used to be a cumbersome chore. But thanks to new features in the 2014 version of Photoshop Creative Cloud, you can add text and produce text effects in minutes. Photoshop guru Julie Adair King shows you how to use the best of these new features, demonstrating how to access free online fonts, easily fit text to a path, explore automated text effects, and more.


Shane Srogi and Heather Storm
Social Media for Photographers from the ground up with tips to maximize your impact. Bring questions for experts Shane Srogi and Heather Storm.


Jeffery Totaro
Architectural Photography


Raymond Gehman
The world of photography has undergone sweeping changes in the last decade. The digital revolution has changed how we shoot, process, and store photographs. But one factor has stayed the same: without a good eye, you will take acceptable, but ordinary photos. Learn to see the extraordinary as National Geographic photographer Raymond Gehman shows you how creative images can be found virtually anywhere, and captured by anyone. Learn to transform routine, everyday subjects into the mysterious, enchanting, or bizarre with a variety of compositional techniques, in-camera adjustments, and HDR and photo-stitching tools. A photographer with a good eye and a$100 camera can shoot more creative images than an ordinary photographer with a $5,000 camera. Learn to see our world in a new light!


Erika Larsen: Special Guest Lecture by National Geographic's Women of Vision Photographer Erika Larsen

Sàmi, Walking With Reindeer
Erika Larsen documents cultures with strong ties to nature, such as the Sàmi reindeer herders of Scandinavia.
Over a period of four years from 2007-2011 Erika lived and worked with several families of herders. During her talk she will show images and video created during her time as well as speak about her process of working as a housekeeper or beaga for one family that allowed her to gain intimate access to the culture and to learn North Sami language. This work appeared as a feature story in National Geographic in November 2011 and her first monograph, Sàmi, Walking With Reindeer published in 2013. Larsen will be signing books available for purchase after the lecture.

Lewis Kemper: My Stretch of the River TBA

A photographic journal of 16 month project photographing a small section of the American River in Sacramento, CA. Photographers tend to think they need to travel to the far ends of the earth to make great nature images, but I contend that within an hours drive, most photographers can find a small slice of nature, that if they take the time to get to know intimately, will allow them to produce a body of work rivaling any exotic location. Lewis moved to a new home near the American River in Sacramento and began exploring his new "backyard" first from land, then by kayak and eventually by air with the aid of a drone as well. In 16 months he has captured more than 40, 000 images of a 1.5 mile section of the river capturing the moods, seasons and wildlife found in this urban paradise. Along the way he has kept a journal of his experience and will combine the images with journal excerpts in this breath taking journey and hopefully influence you to look at the beauty in your area!


Dan Burkholder


Jean “Gino” Miele
What Does Intuition Look Like?

The way we see things changes them, and the things we see change us. If two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different, doesn't that mean we're all creating our own reality all the time? In this artist's talk, photographer Jean Miele shares his work, and thoughts on photography as an extraordinary form of everyday magic – a means of exploration, divination, and transformation – readily available to us all.


Barbara Ellison ˜ Creating the Botanical Portrait
Flowers are like people. They have traits that you want to accentuate and ones that you want to minimize. Using lighting, angles and the best lens for the job, you can go from a snapshot to a portrait of your favorite botanical. You will see various ways to show off these beauties to their best ability once you have created the base image. Don’t miss this delightful presentation.


Laurence Gartel
Laurence Gartel known as the "FATHER of Digital Art" for 40-years will give a short talk on the recent activities of his career. According to eye witnesses Mr. Gartel is celebrating the greatest year of his career. Gartel unveiled a $200,000 Renntech Mercedes SL 65 V-12 Art Car during Art Basel Miami at exclusive Fisher Island in December. Gartel is the Official Artist of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards 2015. He wrapped the one-of-a-kind large Grammy statue with his Digital Art right here in Palm Beach County. The Artwork was on the Official Invitation, Announcement, Poster, Program, and all promotional media. To top himself Gartel was just the Official Artist on the NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) at the Kennedy Space Center a few weeks later. His career reaches for the *stars* literally. Join Mr. Gartel in discussing his creative vision.

*Gartel has been giving Photoshop classes at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre for 23 years
and counting.


Vincent Versace ˜ Taken By Pictures. Letting the Decisive Moment Take the Picture

Hardening of the categories causes art disease.
- W. Eugene Smith

Every artist has an instrument. An instrument through which every artist channels his or her creativity—be it the musician and the physical instrument, to the more metaphorical instance with painters who use canvas and brush, or dancers who channel their creative voice through the use of their bodies. For a photographer it is camera and lens. The lens is the brush, the camera sensor is the canvas, the file is the sheet music, and the final image is the symphony.

Vincent discusses the journey that he takes, or rather the journey that takes him, down the path of creating his images. From people, places and things, San Francisco to New York, Burma to India to Cuba, infrared black and white to full-color visible spectrum, Vincent discusses his use of cameras, digital infrared black and white as well as the lenses he uses, the post processing choices and software he uses, and why he makes the choices he makes. All focused towards one goal: the print. It is not about taking a photograph, but how to be taken by a photograph.

Lectures start at 7:30 pm.


This schedule is subject to change without notice. For more information, or to confirm presenters and workshops, please call 561.253.2600