90 Minute Classes

Get My Pictures into the World!
July 1 10:30 pm – 12:00 pm

Selective Editing in Photoshop — What’s the best tool for the Job?
June 11 3:30 am – 5:00 pm

Selective Editing in Photoshop Elements
July 24 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Color Correcting in Photoshop Elements
Jul 16 1:30 am – 3:00 pm



(C) Bill Antalek


(C) Bill Antalek
Members: $0 • Non-members: $35 • Prerequisites: None

PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: limit 10 students per class on first-come-first-served basis.
7 days notice of cancellation is required.
Students who fail to attend a class they had pre-registered for, will lose the privilege of a guaranteed seat in future classes.

Regular Series:

Become an iPro:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Become an iPro:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Scene Modes:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Scene Modes:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Color Correcting:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Color Correcting:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Selective Editing Photoshop:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Selective Editing Photoshop:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Selective Editing Elements:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Selective Editing Elements:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

iMac:   Member Tuition $0.00 
iMac:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Pictures Into World:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Pictures Into World:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Facebook:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Facebook:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Photo Book:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Photo Book:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Portraits for Social Media:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Portraits for Social Media:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Nikon DSLR:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Nikon DSLR:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Art of Spotting:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Art of Spotting:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Pan Photograph:   Member Tuition $0.00 
Pan Photograph:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

Special Hotel Prices for Workshop Registrants


FOTOwalk Clematis:   Member Tuition $0.00 
FOTOwalk Clematis:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

FOTOwalk Grassy Waters:   Member Tuition $0.00 
FOTOwalk Grassy Waters:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 

FOTOwalk Mounts:   Member Tuition $0.00 
FOTOwalk Mounts:   Non-Member Tuition $35.00 


Become an iPro: Navigating your iPhone & iPad

So, you have a new iPhone or iPad… now what? Spend 90 minutes with us, and you’ll be well on your way to tapping, swiping, and pinching like an iPro. Learn to customize your phone, adjust basic settings, connect to wireless networks, and access popular features like email, messaging, and the internet. And of course, we’ll introduce you to our favorite iPhone/iPad feature — the camera! Students must bring their own iPhone or iPad.

Scene Modes: Dial in to better pictures

Those icons on your camera — the running man, the silhouette, the stars, the flower — they can help you take better pictures with a simple turn of a dial! Your camera’s ever-useful, often-overlooked scene modes are preprogrammed settings for common types of photo-opportunities. Need a clear shot of a small detail? Dial in to macro mode! Tired of blurry pictures of the kids on the soccer field? Banish blur with sports mode! In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn how, when, and why to use your camera’s scene modes. You’ll even come away with tips on how they can add that creative touch to your photographs. Get into class, and get your camera off the green box! A camera is required for this class.

Selective editing in Photoshop — What’s the best tool for the Job?

Having the right tool for the job saves time and results in a better product. In Photoshop, however, knowing which tool to use to select parts of an image for editing isn’t always clear. That’s where this class comes in. In 90 minutes, you’ll gain the knowledge to confidently pick the right tool for your next edit — the Lasso, Magic Wand, Marquee or Quick Mask. The result? Greater accuracy, more seamless results, and a faster editing process — so you can get back behind the camera.

Falling for the iMac

PC users — here’s your chance to get to know the iMac. Whether you just bought an iMac, are thinking of buying one, or just want a little experience behind the wheel prior to attending a computer lab at the Centre, this 90-minute introduction is for you. PC users will leave with a familiarity with the Apple operating system, and even regular Mac users will leave with important tips on storing and working with photographs on a Mac.

Get My Pictures into the World!

You’ve taken some great pictures! But unfortunately, they’re stuck on your camera. In this 90 minute class, you’ll learn to get your pictures off your camera, and on to your tablet or iPhone, or even on to your television set, where they can delight your friends and family. Leave class with a greater understanding of the various ways to get pictures from camera to computer — and out into the world!

“Increase your Likeability” on Facebook

Whether you want to share pictures of your kids, or gain greater exposure for your blossoming photography business, Facebook can help get you there — and this class will get you started on your way. You’ll learn not just how to prepare your photos for the social media site, but how to ensure they attract the “likes” they deserve. What’s the best way to resize images for upload? What’s the best time of day to post? What’s the difference between an artist page and a personal page? Join us, and find out in 90 minutes.

Learn to Create a Photo Book

Learn how to create stunning photo books in a flash online. With this demonstration, our talented instructors will gently guide you on how to create a book from an idea to a visual treasure created on line directly by You!

Become more comfortable to navigate through online book making sites, upload pics, and become familiar with choices of basic design selections. Develop an artistic perspective for portraying themes to get your idea and visual voice into a tangible product and lasting treasure!

Portraits for Social Media!

Portraits for Social Media professionally and for fun— Learn steps to create a visual persona which will speak integrity and create interest to open dialogue and connection! Expand your horizons to create a marketing campaign and avoid mishaps by purposefully composing a pose and setting! Think past the camera, to become aware of the different destinations Your “Image” may arrive at! Shoot for the different venues for with You in Mind! — eHarmony, Facebook, Linkedin, even event fliers may require different styles and backgrounds to set the tone!

Call us for information on private one on one instruction.