Three-Hour Learning to use your Point & Shoot Digital Camera

Covers all brands of point & shoot cameras

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1 Session:
Dec 3, 2015: 10am-1pm
Dec 15, 2015: 10am-1pm
Jan 9, 2016: 10am-1pm
Jan 27, 2016: 10am-1pm
Feb 8, 2016: 10am-1pm
Feb 20, 2016: 10am-1pm
Mar 5, 2016: 10am-1pm
Mar 14, 2016: 10am-1pm
Apr 4, 2016: 10am-1pm
Apr 23, 2016: 10am-1pm
May 14, 2016: 10am-1pm
May 24, 2016: 10am-1pm

* Additional classes are added on a regular basis
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Members: $70 • Non-members: $70 • Prerequisites: None
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Space Limited to 15 participants.
Pocket Camera 3hr, Staff:   Member Tuition $70.00 
Pocket Camera 3hr, Staff:   Non-Member Tuition $70.00 

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Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera. From basic camera skills to digital camera features, including how to use the instant feedback of the digital camera to improve your photography. This lecture seminar opens the door to all aspects of digital photography. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the pros.

Topics Include:
• Digital camera features & proper set-up
• Pixel resolution for different end uses
• Basic composition
• Digital media, card readers & storage devices

See companion class: Basic Photography: Ten TIPS to Great Photos


This class is taught by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre staff.

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