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Purpose: Palm Beach Photographic Centre is greatly indebted to the work of its dedicated volunteers throughout the year, without you the Centre could not operate.

Procedures: Volunteers will formally both check in and check out with the person who has been designated that day as the “Check In/Out” person. This will be either Fatima NeJame, Carol Roberts, and/or someone identified as such in the ProShop. It is absolutely necessary to formally check in and out in order for the volunteer to get credit for the hours. Checking in and checking out entails signing in and signing out in a book that will be designated for this purpose.

Class Teaching Assistant: Only one teaching assistant is assigned to each workshop, so a request for assisting in a class must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the workshop.

In this way, the Photographic Centre shows its appreciation for volunteers’ efforts and time in a concrete manner.