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Photoshop for New Photographers with Mickey Strand

May 23 @ 10:00 am - May 25 @ 5:00 pm

This class is for anyone who wants to work on images in Photoshop. However, you don’t have to have any Photoshop experience. The course will meet for two days, two sessions each day.

This session is limited to 8 students so sign up today!

This is a Photoshop Soup-2-nuts, Hands-on lesson each session. Each class will break into lessons (the watching part of the show and tell) – Demo/Do’s (where you follow along) and Q/A. Some sessions focus on demonstration and definitions, but there is always time for students to demonstrate. Listed is just a surface scratching of all the excellent Adobe Photoshop we will cover.

  • The interface, Learn the vocabulary of the items on your screen and how to set photoshop up (Preferences and profiles) for working as a photographer, and how to save any adjustments you might have set for easy recall by Photoshop. EG, if you’re left-handed, you can set photoshop up (correctly) for you and backward for righties.
    • Items to cover:
      • Windows:
        • Toolbar, Options Pallet, Layers
      • Docking pallets / Collapsing Pallets
    • Preview window
      • Preferences – Saving setups.
  • Tools you have to know, The toolbar is full of unique tools that will let you do everything from edit portraits to creating items in 3D; this lesson will define and demonstrate the tools most important to early editors in Photoshop.
    • Tools Options Pallet
    • The Tools bar –
      • The brush tool
        • Brush Pallets
        • Selections tools
  • Fixing Photos: Using Photoshop to rebuild complex or straightforward issues in photos. Where and why each similar tool is significantly different.
    • Healing Brush, Spot Healing, Patch tool & more
    • Frequency separations lesson
      • Skin texture and color repair
  • Terms and definitions agreement – To make sure we all start on the same page and head in the correct directions, we define the game.
    • Color Spaces – Profiles
    • Resolution DPI vs. PPI
    • Blend modes – More than just for layers
    • Actions – why work harder? Let’s work smarter.

Q/A time. – We have left a few min in every session for questions and answers. But this is when we get to all the stuff you asked that we said wait till the end and see if it all makes sense. Bring images you need answers.


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May 23 @ 10:00 am
May 25 @ 5:00 pm

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In person – Photoshop for Photographers with Mickey Strand


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May 23, 24,& 25, 2024


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Space limited to 8 participants.