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Virtual – iPhoneography Master Class: A 10-Part In-Depth “Virtual Retreat” with Jack “Wow” Davis

July 28 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

iPhoneography Master Class:

A 10-Part In-Depth “Virtual Retreat” with Jack “Wow” Davis

Every Wednesday Afternoon

July 28, 2021 – September 29, 2021 

3:00 – 6:00 pm EST

Participants will have access to the recordings for up to six months after the workshop is over

NOTE: You should include in your budget an additional $10.00 for iPhone Apps that Jack will recommend.

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Individual Class Topics

1. iPhone Camera & System Creative Essentials
2. Advanced “DSLR-like“ Shooting Techniques
3. Essential Color, Tone & Detail Optimizing
4. Advanced Targeted Enhancing & Automated Workflows
5. Advanced Embellishing & Creative Effects
6. Advanced Retouching & Restoration
7. Expressive Painting & Filtering Effects
8. Hidden Creative iPhone Features & Essential Time-savers
9. Instant Web Galleries, Slide Shows & Movie Editing
10. Sorting, Sharing, Desktop Syncing & Printing

Photography has changed. Certainly the tools we use to capture and enhance our beloved images have
changed. In large part because all of us are now carrying around a lil piece of technological voodoo
called an iPhone in our pockets 24/7.

©Jack Davis

In this series of classes by Best-selling Author, Photoshop Hall-of-Famer and Adobe Master Teacher Jack Davis, we’ll be looking at what the magical A.I. software and super computer hardware of the latest and greatest iPhones (as well as older iPhones) is really capable of – and how we can push them to better match (and even exceed?) the quality of our trusty, but now often lonely, DSLR’s. From shooting studio- quality Portraits to perfect Panos to noise-free Night Photographs to Slow Shutter waterfalls to breathtaking Infrared landscapes (yes, it’s possible to even shoot IR with a bloody iPhone!) – in this series you will learn how to shoot with absolute control using your phone in ways you never thought possible.

Then you’ll learn how to Optimize (with amazing color, tonal range and detail), Enhance (with targeted control of the “pop” of your subject), and even retouch your work (from instant power line removal to gorgeous selfie enhancing to miraculous old photo restoration) – all able to be done while waiting in line for your latte!

And then you’ll learn how to share your work by creating music-accompanied Video Slide Shows or instant Web Galleries or even incredibly detailed enlarged Prints (you remember Prints! 😉

And of course we’ll cover backing up all your organized work to your desktop, including syncing raw and layered files back to software like our beloved Lightroom and Photoshop!

©Jack Davis

But why is this called a “Retreat”?

Well after what we’ve all been going through this last year the thought
was that we all needed something creative and inspiring and empowering that we can look forward to
– every week – for 10 whole weeks! Where you will finally learn to absolutely MASTER that camera and
dark room and art studio that’s seemingly surgically attached to you! Well that’s why Jack has packaged
this series of workshops through the renowned Palm Beach Photographic Center as a ‘Retreat” – so that
each class builds upon the previous, and that as we learn new techniques we can share what we learn
(from our weekly shooting assignments) and continue to grow by asking questions during our live weekly Q&A time together! Pajamas and adult beverages are optional! 😉

©Jack Davis

So what specifically will we be learning?

Well, that compact super computer companion of yours really
can do photographic miracles, as you probably already know. But those miracles are often hidden and
often confusing as how to how they work and the order in which to do things. And the new phone
and operating system options… who has time to find out what the “current“ capabilities of what’s
possible are? From Shooting studio-quality portraits to perfect panos, from nighttime cityscapes to long
exposure dreamscapes, from mouthwatering macros to raw infrared vistas – this class will give you the
often hidden insights as to how to do all of this – easily and with a huge smile on your face!

©Jack Davis

And what about Optimizing and Enhancing what you’ve just shot – yes, there ARE way BETTER
and FASTER ways to do all this on your iPhone or iPad then was even possible just last year! And
when it comes to Embellishing your work, Jack will be focusing on sharing techniques that actually
strengthen your photo story versus just being another tacked on “Effect“. And Retouching – can you
really do things on your phone that are not even possible on the desktop (see samples below)? Yes!
Futuristic A.I. miracles have come to app retouching! And how about creating and Sharing instant
Web Galleries, or music-synced Videos, or animated Slide Shows? Easily? Yep. Yep. Yep. And quickly
Organizing your zillions of photos once you’ve taken them? And Find anything in a second, or back
them up automatically so they stay organized on your home hard drive? And as mentioned, we’ll even be
covering enlarging your photos for razor sharp, over the couch Prints!

©Jack Davis

All this plus a million other quality-maximizing, time-saving, productivity-pushing, and enjoyment enhancing techniques will be covered in this upcoming series of workshops. And whether you pick
and choose specific classes (see below) or join for the whole 10 week retreat (and get the substantial
discount that comes with the whole series) you’re invited to join this live on-line set of classes starting
soon (and available at your leisure anytime through recordings). Not only will Jack be demonstrating
step-by-step everything he’ll be covering, but as mentioned, during the live online sessions there will be
time for questions and answers specific to your shooting and enhancing situations.
This class is for anyone with an iPhone that loves to photograph and wants to be deliriously giddy when
they look down at what they’ve just created! As for other brands of smart phones, we’re sorry but there
are just too many various flavors of Android operating systems and native camera apps to be able to
cover those phones as well. But if you have an iPhone and/or iPad this 10-part “Wow Retreat” will give
you the often-overlooked and essential under-the-hood insights needed to get THE VERY BEST from
your lil omnipresent Photo Pocket Pal! Sign up now and come join Jack’s empowering, entertaining and
enlightening creative retreat!

Individual Class Topics full description


©Jack Davis

July 28, 2021

1. iPhone Camera & System Creative Essentials
• Foundation of setting up and understanding iPhone camera options and preferences
• Understanding Apple’s computational Smart HDR, Deep Fusion, Live Photos and Apple Pro
• Setting focus, exposure, zoom, timer, etc.
• Using Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Panoramas, Video options, etc.
This class will give you the insights into your iPhone’s amazing built-in camera/s (no matter what version
iPhone) that will have you taking better, more breathtaking photos and videos than you ever thought
possible! You’ll learn how to master focus, exposure, selfies, live photos, portraits, panos, night photos,
long exposures and more!


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August 4, 2021

2. Advanced “DSLR-like” Shooting Techniques
• Understanding file formats like HEIF, Raw, Apple ProRAW, Live Photos, etc.
• Pushing the native camera with action shots, long exposure motion blurs, noise-free night
shots, advanced panoramas, advanced portrait studio lighting options, video for photography, and even
shooting real infrared on the iPhone.
• Maximizing 3rd party cameras like Lightroom Mobile with it’s Professional, HDR, Long Exposure
and Depth Capture modes
• A live Model Portrait (and Selfie 😉 shoot
This class is all about advanced shooting techniques! , to getting every drop of buttery detail in night
shots, to hand-held long exposure tricks. And when it comes to the beauty of our “bokeh-ed” blurry
background portraits, we’ll do a live model shoot, focusing on not only our camera options, but also on
simple tips on lighting and posing as well.


©Jack Davis

August 11, 2021

3. Essential Color, Tone & Detail Optimizing
• Getting perfect dynamic tonal range, color and white balance, tack detail sharpness and
popping Local Contrast Enhancements (LCE’s)
• Using the updated and vastly improved Apple Native Editor, including the various Portrait Studio
Lighting and f-Stop options
• Lightroom Mobile global editing workflow
• Snapseed and other 3rd party optimizing apps
Until you have overall optimized color, tone and detail, you really don’t have a photo that does your
subject justice. Fortunately there are a number of quick, easy and forgiving ways to cross that bridge
without breaking a sweat.


©Jack Davis

August 18, 2021 

4. Advanced Targeted Enhancing & Automated Workflows
• Mastering targeted Dodging & Burning, Contrast & Detail, Focus & Separation and Color &
Saturation methods
• Using Lightroom Mobile’s Targeted Adjustment Tools
• Snapseed’s plethora of targeted enhancing tools and masking capabilities
• Other 3rd party enhancing apps
• Learning how to create and apply custom Presets (sometimes called Looks) and Profiles to
DRAMATICALLY speed up your mobile (and desktop) workflow!
Targeted or Localized adjustments of tone, color and detail are how a photographer directs the viewer
through a scene and guarantees that the subject of their photograph is the Star! And Yes, you can
enhance one photo, save that series of various adjustments as a preset, and then apply that “recipe” to
others with a single click! That’s been the missing Holy Grail of a mobile photography workflow and in
this class Jack will reveal how that’s possible with some of our most powerful apps!


Photo taken with Focos

August 25, 2021

5. Advanced Embellishing & Creative Effects
• Dramatically changing the Mood of a scene; from Flat to Energetic to Somber to Nostalgic
• Using Black & White, Antiquing, Texture Overlays, Blurs, Double Exposures, Collaging, etc.
• Using Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed and many other 3rd party apps
This class is about going beyond the capture – from what was Seen to what was Experienced – or
what you want the Viewer to Experience! This is about turning your photograph into an interpretation of
something more personal, more timeless or more expressive. Whether that’s by creating fine art black
& whites, sepia tones, antiqued pin hole camera effects or combining multiple photographs via double
exposures or collaging, this session is all about there always being more that one right way to unleash
your captures!


©Jack Davis

September 1, 2021

6. Advanced Retouching & Restoration
Sometimes it’s those little (or big!) distractions in a photo that can make the difference between a
snapshot that’s tossed and a work of art that deserves to be shared with the world! Artificial Intelligence
(AI) and Machine Learning enhanced mobile apps have dramatically changed the face of photo
retouching – from Portraits (instantly changing skin, eyes, expressions, age, hair, and miraculously
recovering facial details in old photos) to Landscapes (from spot healing to instant power line and object
removal to sky swapping, etc.) and more. Get ready to have your mind blown – and a ton of your old
photos saved – after this state-of-the-art class with Jack!


©Jack Davis

September 8, 2021

7. Expressive Painting & Filtering Effects
Get creative by adding effects that will transform your photos from snapshots into stylized works of art –
including transforming you images into hand-tinted vintage photos, or even drawings, watercolors or oil
paintings! Your next beautiful greeting card or family portrait – based on your own art – is waiting in your phone right now!


©Jack Davis

September 15, 2021

8. Hidden Creative iPhone Features & Essential Time-savers
This class is all about getting much more out of your iPhone – more work AND more smiles! With quick
and easy tips, tricks and hidden built-in system and app tools that can quickly and easily extend how
much you can practically do every minute of every day with your lil Digital Assistant. Like getting to ALL
your camera apps, without even unlocking your phone! Or instantly creating a permanent PDF from any
complete web page, or email! You want a lighted magnifying glass to read that menu? It’s one flick away.
Want to create your own custom daily “magazine” with only the topics you’re interested in? Sign a official
document with your actual signature? Create a calendar event that repeats, and gives you reminders
weeks, days AND hours before it’s too late? These, and a ton of other life-saving – but often hidden – tips
and tricks will be revealed in this super fun class with geekifyed teacher Jack!


©Jack Davis

September 22, 2021

9. Instant Web Galleries, Slide Shows & Movie Editing. This class will teach you how to combine your photos (and videos) into an instant movie masterpiece
(with music, titles and engaging transitions) ready to share with the world (or just your grandkids! 😉 Or
maybe you want to quickly create a web photo gallery of a particular adventure, or your Best Of portfolio
images – so you’re not just continually texting or emailing a zillion images to family and friends. This class
will show you free mobile apps that will do all the heavy lifting for you – leaving you more time to create
more beautiful work!


©Jack Davis

September 29, 2021

10. Sorting, Syncing, Backing Up & Printing
Do you want to instantly find all your grandkid photos on your phone? All your sunsets taken in Hawaii?
Organize your plethora of photos into logical folders? Folders within Folders? On your phone?!? Then
this fun and practical class is for you! Until your images are organized and safely backed up, your work is
not done! In this session Jack will show you his trusty methods of “vetting” and organizing your photos
on your phone, and saving and syncing your precious work back to your computer. You’ll also learn tips
for how to enlarge and print your images for that beautiful gallery wrap canvas over the couch!

Jack Davis – Author, Educator, Photographer, Digital Geek!

For over 35 years Jack Davis has been one of the world’s leading experts on Digital Photography and
Computer Imagery, with over a million and a half award-winning books sold in twelve languages. Jack
routinely teaches at conferences and workshops around the world (and virtual ones like our PBPC), and
for companies like National Geographic/ Lindblad Expeditions. He is designated a Master Teacher by
Adobe and was one of the first inductees into the Photoshop Hall of Fame for his lifetime contributions
to the industry. He has an MA and MFA in Digital Imagery from San Diego State University, where he wasthe founding computer graphics instructor. And when he’s not in his social-distanced studio in San  Diego California he’s usually somewhere in Polynesia, with a smile on his face and a camera (and phone 😉 in hand!

Before class starts: 

  • Look for an email invite to a Zoom workshop. If you do not receive one after the class has been confirmed, check your email’s junk folder or call 561-253-2600.
  • Make sure your device(s) are fully charged and you have a stable internet connection.
  • Install the latest version of Photoshop
  • If you have questions, concerns, or technical difficulties call 561-253-2600 or email info@workshop.org

Refunds and Cancellations

If you need to withdraw from a virtual workshop, please inform us at least 7 days before the day of class and we will refund your payment, less a 10% withdrawal fee. No refund of payments will be made if you do not notify us of your withdrawal 7 days prior to the start of class unless a replacement is found to fill your vacant space. If a replacement is found we will refund your payment less the 10% withdrawal Fee. Please note that no refund of any fees will be made for no-shows or withdrawal after a workshop begins.


July 28
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Jack Davis

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iPhoneography Master Class: A 10-Part In-Depth “Virtual Retreat” with Jack “Wow” Davis


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Every Wednesday July 28, 2021 – September 29, 2021 @ 3:00 – 6:00 pm EST


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