Directors, Fatima and Art NeJame
President/CEO: Fatima NeJame
Managing Director: Art NeJame

Palm Beach Photographic Centre

About The Centre

THE PALM BEACH PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTRE is a non-profit visual arts organization dedicated to the enrichment of life through exhibitions, community programs, workshops and other educational activities that promote the arts of photography and digital imaging.

The Centre's programming is divided into five sections:

  • Year-round museum and gallery exhibitions
  • Master photography and digital imaging workshops
  • The annual five-day international FOTOfusion® festival
  • Year-round community education programs
    FOTObasics+, FOTOinsights Lecture Series, FOTOcamp for children, and the Picture My World community outreach program for at-risk youth
  • Travel Workshops

Each year the Centre offers over 300 photography and digital imaging workshops with world-renowned photographers and digital imaging artists such as Vincent Versace, Robert Farber, Laurence Gartel, Douglas Kirkland, Lewis Kemper, and Ross Whitaker, and many others. Our learning environment is electric. Under the tutelage of professionals committed to sharing their skills and encouraging the growth of others, participants can develop creative potential, expand their vision, and master a broad range of photographic and digital imaging applications. Centre workshops are different than most others in that we stress the creative, visionary process. We encourage an open forum for ideas. After years of professional immersion, our instructors communicate the intuitive and intangible so vital to personal expression.

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Board of Directors and Advisory Board

President/CEO: Fatima NeJame
Managing Director: Art NeJame
Chairman: Jay Koenigsberg

Board of Directors:
David Bates
Paul Bowden
Milton Koenigsberg
Scott Mc Kiernan
Tommy Morrison
Fatima NeJame
Carol Roberts
Vincent Versace

Advisory Committee:
Barron Collier
Alex Dreyfoos

Visitor Committee:
Anthony Bannon
Gordon Brown
Daile Kaplan
Jimmy Colton
Arnold Drapkin
Beth Filler
Stella Kramer
Jan McVay
Lucien Perkins
Robert Pledge
John Reuter

PBPC's Digital Lab
© Bill Antalek

Our first class at the new facility was held on November 3, 2009. It was a rush to get ready in time and our classroom furntiure had not yet arrived. George DeWolfe taught "The Digital Fine Print," and Bob McKay taught "Imaging Overview." The workstations are equiped with 21" iMac's capable of booting in either Mac OSX or Windows.

Digital Imaging Workshops

The mastery of digital imaging concepts and technology is essential for anyone working within the visual arts today. Even the most recalcitrant photographic purists recognize the need to become proficient in digital imaging to enhance control, improve results, and navigate through the business of electronic publishing. Foreseeing the need for training in digital imaging technology, the Palm Beach Photographic Centre began imaging workshops many years ago - the first photographic workshop program to do so.

Our workshops are taught by industry pros. Comprehensive instruction techniques, in beginning through advanced applications of the major software on the market covering a wide variety of imaging specialties have bolstered reputation for providing workshops of quality. The software taught: Adobe's Photoshop™, Premiere™, After Effects™, GoLive™, Corel Painter™ and Final Cut Pro. Only the latest software versions are taught at the Centre.

Palm Beach Photographic Centre computer labs are fully equipped with high-performance Macintosh and Windows-based computers. Participants may specify their preference when registering for a workshop. All workstations are equiped with card readers as well as a Wacom® tablet. Epson Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro large format printers are available on the network. Participants view the instructor's work through multimedia digital projectors.

For those still using film, input devices include the Imacon FlexTight Precision II scanner for repro-quality scanning for films up to 5x7, flatbed scanners with transparency adapters, as well as various other film scanners.

Digital workshops are limited to 10 participants, each having access to their own imaging workstation.

Photography Classes at the Centre
© Bill Antalek

In the Museum, photographer Anna Tomczak uses her images to instruct the "Gathered Objects" photo shoot, a photographic collage class. The class later walked to the West Palm Beach Green Market to gather and photograph items.

Photography Workshops

Master photographers sharing professional expertise in a highly-charged learning environment where creative exploration and technological expertise are given equal weight in classes personalized to meet individual needs – compelling reasons why our workshops are in such great demand by individuals and corporate training programs. Subjects include a wide range of traditional and contemporary applications - B&W photography, studio lighting - in nature, wildlife, portraiture, photo-essay – and other photographic specialties. Our Florida location lends itself to enhanced field trips to the Everglades, the ocean and other technicolor opportunities. Portals to career enhancement, PBPC workshops can be further customized to meet group corporate training needs.

The Centre's formula for excellence extends to the quality of our equipment. Our studios are equipped with Chimera soft boxes, Dyna-Lite strobes, Bogen tripods and light stands.

Photography workshops are limited to 12 participants.

This little girl was photographed in Peru by Fatima NeJame
© Fatima NeJame

This photograph by Fatima NeJame on one of the Peru travel workshops.

Travel Workshops

Travel Workshops are a great experience, offering exceptional photo-ops, first-rate instructors, 4-star accommodations, delicious food and interesting companions. Your package price for each workshop includes tuition, hotel accommodations for the entire workshop period, breakfast and dinner daily, guide service, ground transportation and admission fees for specific area attractions. These prices are subject to change. Please check our web site for all updates as to prices and dates of departure. We select destinations based on their appeal for photographers of all styles and interests; the cultural locations we visit provide a wide array of vistas and cultures. Centre workshops abroad offer the same quality and professionalism you receive at our home in West Palm Beach. Master photographers and communicators such as Vincent Versace, Rob Sheppard, John Isaac, and Fatima NeJame lead you toward one-of-a-kind images of subjects ranging from flowers to faces, from landscapes to architecture.

We limit most workshops to 10 participants in order to guarantee hands-on individual instruction.

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Membership Program

BECOME A MEMBER AND SAVE$$$ Membership offers numerous opportunities for social and business networking with those who share your interests, access to the finest exhibitions and opportunities to meet with master photographers and digital imaging experts and discounts on all programs at the Centre. The membership categories listed indicate how you can support photography and digital imaging education through your annual membership.

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Your membership supports the following Community Outreach Programs:

Community Outreach Program

  • Picture My World

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Two students examine their photographs
© Bill Antalek

Students Brenda Star and Renee Gruskin review their images.



The FOTObasics+ series of classes are classes that are offered one to three days in a row, or on a weekly basis. They're primarily for local residents who would like to learn more about photography and would like to take a class without having to take a week off from work. We will will be happy to place you on the FOTObasics mail list. Just CLICK HERE to join our email list.

FOTObasics classes are offered year round, but mostly durring the spring and fall. Topics include Digital Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, flash photography and more.

FOTObasics classes are designated by lavender color and an "F" in the Type column on the master schedule page.


The Palm Beach Photographic Centre offers a 5 day event called FOTOfusion, January every year. This event brings around 100 instructors from all around the country to teach a multitude of classes, seminars, and photo shoots.

>CLICK HERE for the FOTOfusion website.


If you are between the ages of 10 and 17, have an interest in photography and/or computers, are creative and inquisitive and like adventure, then check out FOTOcamp. Here's an opportunity to gain knowledge in all areas of photography, beginning with the basics of picture-taking and progressing to manipulating photographs in the computer (digital imaging). FOTOcamp is two weeks long and offered in 3 sessions durring June and July.

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FOTOinsights Lecture Series

Yearly, from January through March, our visiting instructors offer a weekly, evening lecture series.

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Museum and Store

And, of course, don't forget our store >The Pro Shop for Photographers, and our >Museum.