Summer Camp Photography Students Explore West Palm Beach 

  The first session of FOTOcamp is almost over and Camp Instructor, Shane Srogi, is working late in the Centre’s state-of-the-art print lab. The Epson printer whirs and a bright photograph of a flower appears. He’s printing off some work by the students from earlier in the week. We’re impressed, all the students have accomplished so much since the first day of camp. Fatima NeJame, the Centre’s CEO, and Shane peer at the image. They comment on the intense color and masterful composition. The students are between 10 and 17 years old and some are brand new to photography. For others, like student McKenna D., this is their second or third year attending. What keeps them coming back year after year? McKenna says she loves FOTOcamp because “we have many opportunities to photograph things… Today we went to Jimmychangas before they opened to photograph them preparing the food.”     Teaching young people photography allows them to engage with their community. It gives them the opportunity and courage to express themselves. It is a skill that lasts a lifetime; whether students go on to study it further in college (many of our camp alum do!) or whether it remains a hobby, learning digital photography is an invaluable asset. From a local restaurant before it opens to the Centre’s studio learning

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