Private Instruction

PBPC provides Private Instruction, on an individualized basis, on a variety of topics including using your DSLR camera, Lightroom, Photoshop, video and more.  For more information, call 561-253-2600 or email

Private instruction is scheduled in advance with our instructors and can be the most efficient way to learn digital media techniques.

Our private instruction is sold in two-hour increments. The first two hours is $350 for members of the Photographic center and $390.00 for non-members. (Individual Membership is $95.00/year)

The more hours you purchase, the lower the per hour rate.

 For example:

4 hours would be $600.00 Mem./$700.00 non-mems

6 hours would be $750.00 mem/ $900.00 non-mems

8 hours $880.00 mems/ $1000.00 non-mems

10 hours $1000.00 mems / $1,250 non-mems.

12 hours $1200.00 mems / $1500.00 non-mems  


You do not have to take all of your time in one session. It can be split up into segments that are a minimum of 2 hours each. For example, if you were to purchase 6 hours, you may take two three-hour sessions, or you may take three two-hour sessions.

Our Travel fee for instruction away from our centre starts at $50.00 per session.

To purchase a “Time Block” of Private Instruction today please click the button below. Once we receive your order we will contact you or you may call the office at 561-253-2600, and we will coordinate your schedule and photography instruction needs with one of our instructors.