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Joint Exhibition with  and Jill Enfield and Diane Farris

March 23-May 28, 2019 – FREE Opening Reception on March 22, 6 to 8 pm

Jill Enfield – “The New Americans”

 The daughter of a Holocaust survivor, fine art photographer Jill Enfield is fascinated by the immigrant experience – the similar threads in all such stories and whether they are viewed as “outsiders or Americans.” Accordingly, she initiated the “New Americans” project to explore the immigrant experience and to present portraiture of that identity within the journey of a life.

©Jill Enfield

For two years, she combed the Hudson Valley in search of discarded windows. Their distressed exteriors echo the hardship of what it means to be an immigrant. Enfield’s ideas find their fullest expression in the Greenhouse, located in Room 5. This structure, assembled from abandoned window frames, shares the ghostlike fragility of the glass panels that house her images. Enfield’s courageous decision to create these images using wet-plate collodion, a 150-year-old photographic technique fraught with difficulty and uncertain outcome, reinforces the precarious nature of immigration itself. Although current modes of transportation have improved, and people coming to the United States today can step on an airplane rather than being crammed into the hold of a ship for processing at Ellis Island, the undertaking of immigration remain filled with challenges. Her portraits are tangible displays of heritage, genealogy, homeland, and transition, and her passion culminated in the award-winning books Photo Imaging: A Complete Guide to Alternative Processes as well as Jill Enfield’s Guide to Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes. Please

Diane Farris – “In the Light of the Present”

In the Light of the Present expresses my approach to photography. I strive to be present with my work in this time, our time, while honoring what came before – and considering what we will leave to our children and grandchildren. Of course, for the photographer, Light is our companion: awaited, elusive, gracing. I am currently working with images of books and people, water and reflection, the Castelli Romani area of Italy and (still) Florida’s prairies and their elegant Sandhill Cranes.

©Diane Farris

These pictures, gathered for the Palm Beach Photographic Museum, speak to me and I hope to viewers – a girl engrossed in a large book by a museum’s vintage painting of girls reading; ancient books being aired, (with a child on a smartphone just off camera); a simple stairwell, suddenly alive with light and the sky beyond; a two thousand year old arch overtaken and overflowing with plant life.  Most of these images are single frames (rather than the multiple images I’ve sometimes worked with in the past). In these complex times, I am drawn to clarifying and simplifying in general – and in my photography in particular.

Recent shows have been in Basel, Switzerland and at Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia, as well as in Gainesville.  There is work in many public and private collections (F.A.U., U. of Miami’s Special Collections, Palazzo Chigi, etc.) Publications range from In Dolphin Time, Type Tales and Dream Images to cookbook collaborations with Mary Taylor and, currently, a number of handmade books. Please visit

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