Take More Pictures: 10 Reasons to Make Photography One of Your New Year’s Resolutions


1. Get Some New Gadgets

If you’re a fan of technology, digital photography is a great way to plug into progress by acquiring nifty new gadgets, applications, software, and social media accounts. Whether you’re just taking pictures on your mobile device or jumping in with a new Digital SLR camera, there are plenty of lenses, equipment, gear, and tools that can improve your outcome and they are fun to use! Just ask the guys at the ProShop!


2. See the World Differently

Photographers have the unique opportunity to explore and capture the world. To avoid seemingly cliche, photographers learn how to see the world differently, and capture the rare scenes in even everyday situations.


3. Photography is Full of Adventure

No one adventures like a photographer! Whether it’s close to home or on the other side of the planet, photography gets you out and exploring!


4. Reach the Whole World with Your Photographs

With the touch of a button, you can share your photographs with everyone in the world, starting with your friends on social media. Tap into current events, express yourself, tell the story of your community and culture—photography lets you do it all.


5. Photography Can Be Therapeutic! 

There are many reasons why photography is good for your mind, body, and soul. Photographers have the opportunity to express themselves and socialize. They can meet new people, see new places, and get some fresh air while trying to capture a sunset or sunrise. All of these things may tie into some of your other New Year’s Resolutions.


6. It’s a Great Excuse to Go for a Walk

There’s no better reason to go for a walk than to take some pictures. You never know what you might see even if it’s just around your block.


7. Reconnect with Nature 

Photographers have a great opportunity to reconnect with nature by going out to photograph it. You’ll notice birds, plants, animals, scenes that maybe you never saw before. It can be exciting when you capture something as simple as a spider on its web early in the morning or a bird wading through the water.


8. Express Yourself! 

Photography allows individuals to express themselves. For example, our community outreach program for at-risk youth “Picture My World,” encourages and helps students give insight into community interaction and teaches that their voice can make a positive difference. Learn more about it by clicking here.



9. Tell a Story 

You have a story worth telling. You know the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” It’s time for your story to be heard—and seen!


10. Make New Friends 

Become a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre to meet other photographers just like you! Network, make new friends and learn about photography in this fun, exciting environment. Learn more about memberships by clicking here. 


Make photography part of your New Year’s Resolution. We have a full-range of workshops covering every interest and skill level in 2018. Take the first step— visit workshop.org and fotofusion.org or give us a call at 561-253-2600. We’d love to talk to you more about it!