Make the Most of Your Mornings: Photography Tips from Instructor Shane Srogi


Photographing the uniqueness of morning light can be uplifting and inspiring.  There is something special about welcoming the first light of day.  That said, morning light is less predictable than evening light; don’t be discouraged by mornings that are less than spectacular.


1.  Get there early!

Digital cameras are very sensitive to light and the predawn light can yield some lovely results.

Set your alarm for a half hour earlier than you expect is necessary.



2. Know where the sun will rise.

Use an app like Sun Seeker.  Be Ready!

That sun rises quickly and the light changes from moment to moment.



3. Fog, Fog, Fog.

Certain times of the year, fog is more likely.

Make a note of when your mornings might be misty.

Example: In Florida, watch for approaching cold fronts.



4. The stillness of morning.

Some mornings are quiet and serene.

The grand rivers of the west are snow fed and run quietly in the mornings.

It takes a day of sun melting the mountain snows to cause them to turn into rushing torrents.



5. Keep photographing until that sun rises past 20 degrees in the sky.

As the sun rises and the fog burns off, the light reveals the hidden details of the land.

By mid-morning, the color rich warm light of the sun will turn more white.

The, go ahead and enjoy a morning walk exploring the landscape and soaking up the warmth of the sun!



 PS:  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.
A plentiful supply of your favorite hot coffee cuts that morning chill and makes up for lack of sleep!

I’ll be leading an early morning workshop, photographing our beautiful Florida Landscape during FOTOfusion 2018.


All photographs by Shane Srogi