FOTOfusion 2018 Instagram Giveaway!

Do you want a chance to win a free 100 series workshop at this year’s FOTOfusion 2018? We will be picking one lucky winner on January 16th.

To Enter:

1. Follow us on Instagram @Palmbeachphotocentre

2. Tell us what you love to photograph in the comments section and tag three of your friends.

It’s that easy!

P.S. Those who participate will be entered into an additional giveaway at the end of the month!

FOTOfusion 2018 is a digital photography festival running from January 23-27. In this unparalleled week of lectures, workshops, and photo shoots, students have the opportunity to learn with world-renowned photographers, editors, and photojournalists. You can see the full schedule by clicking here. 

Get excited! The winner of this giveaway will have the opportunity to select one of the following FOTOfusion 100 series workshops listed below:

101 Pointing Your Camera In The Other Direction with Tim Rasmussen

102 Fine Art Infrared (IR) Photography in the Digital Era with Joseph Meehan

105 Women in Photography: Hire us! with Melissa Golden, Naomi Harris, Robin Schwartz, Daniella Zalcman, Judy Walgren, Moderator

106 Creating Photo Composites on iPhones & iPads with Seán Duggan

109 Get the Most Out of Your Portfolio Review with Mark Murmann

110 The NEW Mobile Photography Shooting and Workflow Options with Jack Davis

118 Finding your Way: Photography, Life and the Personal Project with Brendan Bannon

121 Visual Literacy in the Time of Fake News: Is Ethics Dead?

122 Tell Me More: Merging Images and Verse with Susan Currie

125 Portraits: What’s Hot? What’s Not? What’s Important?

126 Expanding Your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques with Lewis Kemper

129 Finding Alternative Markets for Your Work

130 Exploiting the Power of the Lens with Joseph Meehan

133 The Private Conversation Between Ghosts and Cameras with Dr. Anthony Bannon

134 Warhol vs Gartel HYP POP with Laurence Gartel

137 The Personal Project

138 The Digital Short Documentary with John Reuter

141 How to Elevate Your Image Making with Mike Davis

142 Visual Storytelling and the Photobook with Daile Kaplan

145 Demystifying the Editorial Market with Kelli Grant, Timmy Huynh, Mark Murmann, Dave Weatherwax; Moderator: Santiago Lyon

146 Perception: Seeing vs Looking with J. Thomas Lopez

150 Shooting the B Roll with Kelli Grant

153 Learning from the Masters: How to Make Better Photographs with Daile Kaplan

154 Motion as an Added Dimension in Still Photography with Joseph Meehan

157 Shooting Sports for Today’s Market with Gary Hershorn, Adam Stoltman; Moderator: Steve Fine

158 Composition and Technique with George Schaub

161 How to Get Grants and Funding Your Own Projects with Brendan Bannon, Naomi Harris, Judy Walgren, Daniella Zalcman; Moderator: Mike Davis

Good Luck!