Learn Photographing on the Go and Mobile Editing with Shane Srogi’s New Photography Workshop!

Learn Photographing on the Go and Mobile Editing with Shane Srogi’s New Photography Workshop!

Written by Katie Yates | All photographs ©Shane Srogi

An auditorium full of curious photographers and Palm Beach Photographic Centre Members watched as the lights dimmed and staff photographer Shane Srogi began his live demo. This was at our Evening Lecture Series, where our impressive list of professional photographers, editors, and photojournalists, share their expertise and stories.

From this lecture and the response from our audience, Shane developed a workshop: Breaking Away from the Desktop: Using Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC.

A Photographer on the Move

Shane Srogi has been photographing the American Landscape for decades. From the hazy Everglades to the vast indigo mountains of the American West, Shane uses his camera to photograph the unimaginable, the profound, the uncommon. He has developed and taught dozens of photography and editing workshops at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

Shane teaches it all. Shane teaches workshops on the very basics of photography, learning to use your camera, and learning how to edit in Lightroom. He also explores West Palm Beach and South Florida with his students. Together, Shane and students explore downtown West Palm Beach, the Morikami Japanese Gardens, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, just to name a few.

He even takes students on the only iPhone Safari in South Florida.


Editing with your iPad 

Shane Srogi knows that while photographers are on location, they can’t bring their entire workstation with them. In his new workshop Breaking Away from the Desktop: Using Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC, Shane shows how to shoot in RAW on your iPhone, edit images you just shot on your DSLR on your iPhone/iPad, travel with an iPad rather than a Laptop.

Lighten your pack for ultimate nimbleness. You’ll need that level of flexibility if you’re traveling, exploring, or just trying to get the best photograph and you’re not close to home!


Share Your Edited Images 

Shane Srogi knows that sharing your edited images is part of the photographer’s experience. A photograph can’t just live on your camera, you want to share it with the world. Learn to edit on an iPad or iPhone while on the go and share it with the world. Shane can show you the nuances of sharing your edited photographs while adventuring.



Bring it all home

Sync up your workstation with your mobile devices for a final edit and printing. You don’t have to be tied to a single spot with a clunky laptop or desktop. You have powerful editing tools right in your pocket or camera bag. But, when you’re ready for the final touches or your photograph is ready to print, you’ll want to make sure everything seamlessly transitions.



The Future of Mobile Editing 

Shane Srogi will discuss the ways photography editing is changing. Soon your powerful tablets and phones will be the main way photographers access their work. Will tablets and phones replace desktop and laptops in the future?

Take the workshop to find out more! Click here to register.