Love Nature Photography? Read these tips!

South Florida offers hundreds of acres of protected land with ample opportunity for photographers. Nothing beats glimpsing a rare bird, colorful plant, or wild animal. As a photographer of the natural world, you can be an ambassador for conservation! Help tell the story of Florida’s dwindling Everglades, but keep a few things in mind before enjoying the outdoors. Our friends at National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks, and the alike will thank you! For more details on wildlife photography ethics click here. Wildlife Comes First  It’s our responsibility to remember that refuges, parks, and preserves are habitat! In that environment, the resources, plant or animal, are protected. They should go undisturbed, if possible. Overly excited photographers can sometimes forget this as they work to frame a good shot. Even this mild harassment can be stressful for wildlife. An animal that is afraid or stressed may panic. Panicking animals are more likely to injure themselves, a person, or even become prey. If an animal looks at you, stops feeding or moving, starts acting injured, or charges, you’re stressing it out! Be Distant  When it comes to wildlife, distance is our friend. Wild animals don’t need our food, our water, or our help. Wild animals are unpredictable, and should always be given ample space. If an animal feels trapped, it will try to

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