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The Art of Posing and Lighting

October 25, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

There is a particular niche to posing families and children and groups that not every photographer can handle under pressure with a time limit and an endless amount of people to photograph right in front of them waiting. The trick is to keep calm and start with the most simple of photographs, the portrait, and build from there.

©Scott Dere

In my posing workshop, one will get a first hand look on how to deal with posing people with a finesse that shows in the final print. I will walk the group through the basic steps of lighting the portrait, and then show how to build on that portrait to create a dynamic group photograph with placement and composition as the primary key element.

©Scott Dere

We will then loosen up the formal portrait to a more fun laid back photo session. It is here where I will show how to get your subjects to blend into their environment, and fashionize their look on camera with dynamic lighting and stylistic posing. By flattering our subjects with attention to detail and sweet talking them into a relaxed state of mind, we can create the best images of our subjects and give them a finished product that satisfies your creative energy and the expectations on the client’s final image.

Being competent in your posing and lighting will be contagious to your client in their confidence in your abilities. This will increase the photoshoots productive vibe and create more collaboration between you and your client which will always aid in the final imaging process.

Meeting expectations should be the prime concern of every photographer, and this workshop will give you the confidence to set up your clients with a repertoire of poses to run through while working with all your subjects. Ultimately this workshop will give everyone that watches you work, the impression that you can handle any group with class and competence every professional photographer should possess.

©Scott Dere

 This 6 hour class will give a direct insight on how to set up a flash system properly starting with 1 off camera flash and working our way up to 5 off camera flashes operating all at once. Each flash will serve its own function in what it illuminates and in conjunction with other flashes, making a perfect finished product depending on the desired look. Students will get hands on training to be able to operate multiple flashes competently so they can concentrate on posing their subjects and creating artistic scenes under time constraints and deadlines.

An introduction to Flash Photography starts with the right gear.

There are many systems on the market for sale. Everyone of them can light a subject. The trick is to find the right set up for you. Different features are available on different flash systems. First, what flash modifiers fit the system and are available to use? How is the system fired off by the camera? Is it a portable system (size & weight)? And, how powerful the output of the flashes are.

©Scott Dere

Some features of a flash system are simple, like setting the power output and how many flashes can be controlled at once. Other important features are what quality of light they create and the distance that it is effective on the subject. This can be controlled by Flash Modifiers. These are products placed in front of the flashes to create effects such as softer or harder light, controlled patterns of light or even colors of light. All these variables will have an impact on what Flashes you buy for your projects and assignments.

Another important part of creating flash photography is the stands that we mount our flash systems on. They must be stable and sturdy enough to withstand some wind, or an accidental kick to keep your gear secured. Often assistants are a good way to insure that your stands are out of danger and moved in accordance with each photograph setup.
Next we must learn the proper way to utilize a flash when lighting a subject. Portraiture tends to be the most difficult as every person has a different look, different facial features and even different tastes. Finding a flattering flash pattern can be challenging but there are certain techniques that are used to flatter a person. These lighting patterns should be studied as they are the basis of all great portraiture and have stood the test of time.

©Scott Dere

Once we have mastered the ability to use our gear well in any situation, we can concentrate on our subjects. Posing people in their environments, directing multiple people into place and flattering them with style and fashionable poses with lighting that makes your subjects pop off the page. Creating good compositions with subjects like food and products for sale will come easily once these techniques are acquired.


October 25, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Scott Dere

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The Art of Posing and Lighting


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October 25, 2023


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This is an Intermediate level workshop and students should have a sound understanding of their cameras and basic photography skills.
Space limited to 12 participants.


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