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In Person – The Brave (?) New World of A.I. Retouching and Art! with Jack Davis

February 4, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

One Day Hands-On In-Person Class

What hornet’s nest of tips, tricks and technology is award-winning author Jack Davis (and enthusiastic instructor of this timely PBPC one day class) stirring up now?

Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Process: Spawn of the Devil or Angel of Automation? Neither? Both?

Well since this AI Genie is already out of its bottle (or Pandora’s Plague is out of its box) the question now is what do we as artists DO with these new tools – if anything?

©Jack Davis

Certainly when it comes to the time consuming labors of image retouching (and especially extensive photo restoration) the advent of Machine Learning tools (a form of AI now used throughout applications like our beloved Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) ARE a HUGE time-saver and quality enhancer. And the majority of artists and photographers are elated at their accessibility – including this class’ instructor.

The majority of this fast-paced and fun hands-on class will focus on just this: what is possible with these powerful new photo retouching and enhancing tools, which ones are best, and what’s the easiest way to integrate them into our creative process. Take a look at our friend Lincoln below to get a taste of what’s possible with just a few clicks.

But the other part of this class, dealing with the topic of “AI Art Generators” (that either start with a written “Text Prompt” or your own photographs or sketches) is where things get… interesting. Jack will walk us through what these tools are actually doing (and the class will follow along and create their own works using some of the most popular and accessible AI mobile apps and websites) and help us navigate through some of these questions and concepts of what it actually means to have a “robot” at your beck and call, following your commands, your “creative commissions”. And where will this lead us in the years ahead?

Art and Photography have always been closely tied to the technology of the day, and always fearful when a leap in technology automates part of the creative process (cameras were sure to be the end of paintings, and the DSLR was sure to destroy the soul of photography). AI Art generation has similar (terrifying) ramifications, but only by understanding these new processes and tools can we as the artistic community help shape them.

© Jack Davis

Come join Jack Davis for this timely one-day PBPC class and get your hands messy in this new crazy AI paintbox – first, to be able to use it to dramatically speed up and expand your retouching capabilities and quality, and second, to explore just what this new frontier is all about – and maybe even be inspired to integrate some of it’s tricks into your own art and photography!



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February 4, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jack Davis

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In Person – The Brave (?) New World of A.I. Retouching and Art! with Jack Davis


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February 4, 2023


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