Member’s Smartphone Exhibition Selections 2020

If you find any of your submissions posted below, Congratulations! Your work has been selected to be exhibited in our first Members Smartphone Exhibit. For additional information on preparing your print for the show please scroll to the bottom of the page.




Full framing and print guidelines will be provided in your official acceptance notification. All accepted artwork must conform to the following requirements to be exhibited:

To encourage participation by photographers from around the world, optional printing services are available. Additional details will be provided upon request.

The Centre recognizes that some work is non-traditional and incorporates the framing as an integral part of the presentation.
Metal pieces must have rounded or dull corners with mounting attached. No sharp edges or corners will be excepted.
Canvas prints will not be accepted.

If the artwork will be displayed in a traditional format the:
print’s matting should be in white, cream, or ivory.  Matting, however, is not required.

  • Frame must be Black, Silver, or White.
  • Framed print must be ready to hang with a secure wire 4” from top of the frame (no saw tooth hooks).
  • Framed artwork must have Plexiglas or plastic. No Glass is allowed.
  • The minimum size of all final pieces must have an image size of at least 8 X 10 inches and a frame size of at least 11 X 14 inches
  • The maximum size for an image is 13 X 19 and the maximum size for all final pieces cannot exceed 20 X24 inches.

All artwork should be ready to install and be properly identified with the provided label securely attached.
Identification labels MUST be attached to your prints. You may download and print the labels below.