2022 Member’s Exhibition Selections

Below are the images that were chosen by our Juror Craig Blacklock for display in this year’s annual Member Show.

Congratulations to all of our exhibiting Members!!

Thank You for visiting our Virtual Gallery and we invite you to come and see the artwork of our amazing members in-person in our World Class Museum here in West Palm Beach, Florida from August 27, 2022 – October 29, 2022

Join us in-Person for the Opening Night Reception in the museum August 26, 2022 from 6-7:30pm


BEST IN SHOWRed Shouldered Hawk ©Linh Trinh
FIRST PLACEWinter Is Coming ©EJ Morales
SECOND PLACEThe Hold Out ©Jeff Olson
HONORABLE MENTIONThe Space Between ©Alberto Sisso

All 2022 Selections Exhibiting

Robin Beers

Look Into My Eye ©Robin Beers

Brian Blum

Forrest Gump ©Brian Blum
Struggle ©Brian Blum

Christine Brunner

Resting Perch ©Christine Brunner
Zebra Feast ©Christine Brunner
Forces of Nature ©Christine Brunner

Katherine Bryan

Arc de Triomphe Wrapped ©Katherine Bryan

Elizabeth Bush

Phoebe’s Way ©Elizabeth Bush
Realm of Remembrance ©Elizabeth Bush
Theodora’s Light ©Elizabeth Bush

Corinne Carroll

Four Sails at Hillsboro Lighthouse ©Corinne Carroll

Kathleen Collins

“In Flight” ©Kathleen Collins

Peter Collins

Golf Street Trees ©Peter Collins

Elizabeth Colome

Palm Beach Sunrise ©Elizabeth Colome
Fishing ©Elizabeth Colome
Black and White Flower ©Elizabeth Colome
WPB Reflection ©Elizabeth Colome

Pierre Debbane

Two people enjoy the sunrise on sandy beach of Juno ©Pierre Debbane
Osprey holds tightly the fish caught near the Juno Beach Pier ©Pierre Debbane

Dede Dehon

Curling Bark ©Dede Dehon

Lorin Duckman

Lichen My Medallion ©Lorin Duckman

John Edwards

Sunset at the Dunes ©John Edwards
Between Painted Seas ©John Edwards

Janis Ehlers

Warm Embrace ©Janis Ehlers
Headless on Las Olas ©Janis Ehlers
Mr. Bear ©Janis Ehlers

Alan Fabricant

Here They Come ©Alan Fabricant
Leading the Way ©Alan Fabricant
In the Camera ©Alan Fabricant

Philip Goldberg

Fence In Fog ©Philip Goldberg
Tunnel Between Art ©Philip Goldberg
Bales In Mountain ©Philip Goldberg

Hut In Mountains SC ©Philip Goldberg

Kai Kiefer

Ripples of Life ©Kai Kiefer

Susan Klein

Somewhere…. ©Susan Klein

Colin Knight

Miami Beach Light Painting ©Colin Knight
Miami Beach Light Painting ©Colin Knight

Lou Mark

Bryce Canyon ©Lou Mark
“Soccer Girl” ©Lou Mark

Greg McIntosh

Foam II ©Greg McIntosh
Lilies II ©Greg McIntosh
Solitude ©Greg McIntosh

EJ Morales

Mountains In The Mist ©EJ Morales
Land of Ice and Fire ©EJ Morales
Stop Looking At Me ©EJ Morales
Winter Is Coming ©EJ Morales
St Elizabeth’s Through The Arch ©EJ Morales
Frauenkirche Through The Cafes ©EJ Morales

Morry Moskovitz

Boat on Low Seas ©Morry Moskovitz
Indian Girls ©Morry Moskovitz
Blowing Rocks with Confrontation ©Morry Moskovitz
Cow on Foggy PA island ©Morry Moskovitz

Lauren Nash

Ryah at the Hotel Evernia ©Lauren Nash

Jeff Olson

The Hold Out ©Jeff Olson

Jim Quinn

Moonrise at Jupiter Lighthouse ©Jim Quinn
Sunrise at Jensen Beach ©Jim Quinn

Giada Robinson

Peeking Through ©Giada Robertson

Marilyn Samwick

Amaryllis ©Marilyn Samwick

Alberto Sisso

Let your eyes do the talking ©Alberto Sisso
This is Me ©Alberto Sisso
Sweat the note ©Alberto Sisso
Waiting Along ©Alberto Sisso
The Space Between ©Alberto Sisso

Leslie Slakin

Moon at the Beach ©Leslie Slakin

Mark Stall

Seagrapes Island ©Mark Stall

Theodore Tribolati

Saks Window ©Theodore Tribolati
Day of the Dead ©Theodore Tribolati

Linh Trinh

Unknown Palm Beach Surfer ©Linh Trinh
Red Shouldered Hawk ©Linh Trinh
Whistling Ducks ©Linh Trinh

Anita Warnet

The Arch ©Anita Warnet
Sweet Nectar ©Anita Warnet
Inside Out ©Anita Warnet

Robert Wiley

Dark Passage ©Robert Wiley
Scotch ©Robert Wiley
Red Fort ©Robert Wiley
Strawberry ©Robert Wiley

McKenzie Williams

’21 ©McKenzie Williams

MaryJane Zapp

“Bah! Teenagers!” ©MaryJane Zapp
“Mom said I’M in charge!” ©MaryJane Zapp