2023 Juried Exhibition

Thank You for visiting our Virtual Gallery and we invite you to visit our World Class Museum here in West Palm Beach, Florida to see the artwork in-person from August 10, 2023 – September 23, 2023

2023 Winners

Best in Show

Barbara Curcio

School’s Out © Barbara Curcio

First Place

Tatiana Darash

Little Ballerinas ©Tatiana Darash

Second Place

Sefora Ambulodegui

Key Largo © Sefora Ambulodegui

2023 Virtual Gallery

Sefora Ambulodegui

Key Largo © Sefora Ambulodegui

Bruce Bain

Boys © Bruce Bain

David Bence

Leaf in Bowl © David Bence
Being-Journey No.2  © David Bence

Don Bilder

Lonely Tree in Winter ©Don Bilder
Afraid Not ©Don Bilder

Brian Blum

Three Musketeers ©Brian Blum

Susan Brown

Little Sister ©Susan Brown

Christine Brunner

Black and White Louvre ©Christine Brunner
Surfer hanging 11 ©Christine Brunner
Monkeys in Motion ©Christine Brunner
Frog Splits ©Christine Brunner

Elizabeth Bush

Renee’s Days ©Elizabeth Bush
Holding Onto Delray ©Elizabeth Bush
Mary Aflutter ©Elizabeth Bush
Anamnesis ©Elizabeth Bush

Tiffany Campbell

Dark Embrace © Tiffany Campbell

Iva Campbell

20% Discount on Lunch © Iva Campbell

Barbara Curcio

Sunset Hours © Barbara Curcio
School’s Out © Barbara Curcio

Tatiana Darash

SecretTold ©Tatiana Darash
Little Ballerinas ©Tatiana Darash

Scott Dere

Blue Cypress Lake ©Scott Dere
Grab N Go ©Scott Dere
On the Hook ©Scott Dere
Surfs Up ©Scott Dere
Open Wide ©Scott Dere
Stranglehold ©Scott Dere

Lorin Duckman

Dame Lichen ©Lorin Duckman

Devon Dulaney

Glades Moon ©Devon Dulaney

Janis Ehlers

Walking in Nassau ©Janis Ehlers
Maine Street ©Janis Ehlers
Maine’s Fall ©Janis Ehlers

Carol Erenrich

Purple and Yellow Wild Flowers ©Carol Erenrich

Matthew Erpenbeck

Teepees ©Matthew Erpenbeck

Alan Fabricant

Final Turn ©Alan Fabricant
Straight Ahead ©Alan Fabricant

Lewis Fink

Star Trails Over Joshua ©Lewis Fink

Susan Finn

Cattle Egret in the Rain ©Susan Finn
Perfect Ten ©Susan Finn

Marie Heister

Ocean Mist Over Greens ©Marie Heister
Fountain Glow ©Marie Heister

Robert Hersh

Are 3 Heads Better Than 2 or 1 ©Robert Hersh

Andrew Hershfield

©Andrew Hershfield

Debora Kerr

Great White Egret in Situ ©Debora Kerr

Kai Kiefer

Voyeurism ©Kai Kiefer
Peek A Boo ©Kai Kiefer

Wayne King

Sunrise at the House of Refuge on Hutchinson Island  ©Wayne King

Colin Knight

Fort Pierce Bridge #3 ©Colin Knight

Jason LoPiccolo

 ©Jason LoPiccolo
 ©Jason LoPiccolo

Darren Mandel

Butterfly  ©Darren Mandel
Squirrel Eating  ©Darren Mandel
Roosevelt Bridge  ©Darren Mandel

Lou Mark

The Solitude of the desert ©Lou Mark
On the Yangtze River ©Lou Mark

Greg Matthews

Caught in the wave ©Greg Matthews
It’s what’s for dinner ©Greg Matthews
Roseate Spoonbill in flight ©Greg Matthews
Reddish Egret fishing ©Greg Matthews

Doreen McGunagle

Mossy Oak ©Doreen McGunagle
Lonely Tree ©Doreen McGunagle

Peter Meyerhoefer

Always Light After ©Peter Meyerhoefer

Susan O’Malley

After the Rain ©Susan O’Malley

Carlos Paillacar

Long Billed Hermit Hummingbird ©Carlos Paillacar
Roseatte Spoonbill ©Carlos Paillacar
Rufus Tailed Hummingbird ©Carlos Paillacar

Greg Rodgers

Bursting in Style ©Greg Rodgers
Greetings ©Greg Rodgers

Marilyn Samwick

 ©Marilyn Samwick

Lois Spatz

Light In Chicago ©Lois Spatz

Shane Srogi

© Shane Srogi
© Shane Srogi

Mark Stall

Calatrava Sunrise ©Mark Stall
Cassidy Hot Tub ©Mark Stall
Rough Day at the Inlet ©Mark Stall

Adriane Stark

Morning petals ©Adriane Stark
Palm wheel ©Adriane Stark
Floresta bark ©Adriane Stark

Sam Stockwell

Contemplating Malcolm ©Sam Stockwell

Linh Trinh

Earth meets the Cloud ©Linh Trinh
Dancing Cypress ©Linh Trinh
Hummingbirds ©Linh Trinh
Sandhill Family Outing ©Linh Trinh

Madeline True

Honeybee proboscis, sucking honey Southern Indiana ©Madeline True
Training Jupiter ©Madeline True
Underwater wonderers Easternmost Point, USA ©Madeline True

Anita Warnet

Gradations ©Anita Warnet
Sifting ©Anita Warnet

Barbara Whitlam

Agapanthus ©Barbara Whitlam

Evan Williams

Stairway To Heaven ©Evan Williams
Into the Void ©Evan Williams

McKenzie Williams

Lend Me Your Eyes ©McKenzie Williams

Jean Young

Hop In ©Jean Young