Members’ Exhibition: See Your Photographs in a Museum in West Palm Beach!

23rd Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition 2019

by Katie Yates

Submit to our photography competition! Selected work will be displayed in our beautiful museum space in downtown West Palm Beach!

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre proudly announces the 23rd Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition. Annually, the exhibition is held in our museum space in downtown West Palm Beach. Have your art displayed in the same space as famous photographers from around the world. We have dozens of visitors a day and your work could be what they see next!

Go global! The Members’ Exhibition will also be showcased on our website.

How do you submit your work to our photography competition? It’s easy!

First step, check to see if you have any great photographs to submit to this photography competition. This exhibition is open to photographers worldwide, both amateur and professional. We invite photographers working in all mediums and styles to participate. Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome. Nude images will not be accepted.

Next, check to see your Palm Beach Photographic Centre Membership is current through through October 26th, 2019. A Palm Beach Photographic Centre Membership provides you with a lower workshop fee, more opportunities at our week long photography event (FOTOfusion), and you can submit to the Members’ Juried Exhibition. Renewing and updating your Membership is easy. You can do it by clicking here OR on the entry form when you submit your photographs for consideration!

Once you’ve decided what work you’re going to submit, visit this page to upload your work. Submissions are due by May 25th! A maximum of eight images may be entered for consideration.

Your work will be judged by a photographer, photo editor, or photojournalist. We have not announced this year’s Juror yet! Once the Juror’s selections have been made, an online gallery will be created with the accepted images, and you will be provided a link to a scrolling online slideshow.

If you find your work in the scrolling slideshow, that work was selected by our juror to hang in the Members’ Juried Exhibition! If you find any of your images in the online gallery, you will be required to submit those photographs to us by August 3rd, 2019.

Three winners of prizes will be selected of the photographs submitted. Not only could your work be hanging in our West Palm Beach museum, you could ALSO win one of these great prizes: Best of Show: $950 Cash Award, First Place: FREE Tuition for a FOTOfusion Gold Passport, Second Place: FREE Tuition for a FOTOfusion Silver Passport!

Then, plan your trip to West Palm Beach for the Opening Reception of the Members’ Juried Exhibition on Aug 23rd,  2019 from 6:00- 8:00pm. Or stop in to see us anytime between Aug 24th & Oct 26th, 2019!

Click here for the complete rules, regulations, and formatting information, as well as the submission form for the Members’ Juried Show!

Not ready to submit? Check out our complete list of photography classes and workshops in downtown West Palm Beach. Take a photography class in South Florida, go on a photoshoot, and take a photo editing workshop in our state-of-the-art computer lab! Learn Lightroom, Photoshop, and more! Don’t wait! Workshops fill up fast.


Learn Photographing on the Go and Mobile Editing with Shane Srogi’s New Photography Workshop!

Learn Photographing on the Go and Mobile Editing with Shane Srogi’s New Photography Workshop!

Written by Katie Yates | All photographs ©Shane Srogi

An auditorium full of curious photographers and Palm Beach Photographic Centre Members watched as the lights dimmed and staff photographer Shane Srogi began his live demo. This was at our Evening Lecture Series, where our impressive list of professional photographers, editors, and photojournalists, share their expertise and stories.

From this lecture and the response from our audience, Shane developed a workshop: Breaking Away from the Desktop: Using Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC.

A Photographer on the Move

Shane Srogi has been photographing the American Landscape for decades. From the hazy Everglades to the vast indigo mountains of the American West, Shane uses his camera to photograph the unimaginable, the profound, the uncommon. He has developed and taught dozens of photography and editing workshops at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

Shane teaches it all. Shane teaches workshops on the very basics of photography, learning to use your camera, and learning how to edit in Lightroom. He also explores West Palm Beach and South Florida with his students. Together, Shane and students explore downtown West Palm Beach, the Morikami Japanese Gardens, McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, just to name a few.

He even takes students on the only iPhone Safari in South Florida.


Editing with your iPad 

Shane Srogi knows that while photographers are on location, they can’t bring their entire workstation with them. In his new workshop Breaking Away from the Desktop: Using Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC, Shane shows how to shoot in RAW on your iPhone, edit images you just shot on your DSLR on your iPhone/iPad, travel with an iPad rather than a Laptop.

Lighten your pack for ultimate nimbleness. You’ll need that level of flexibility if you’re traveling, exploring, or just trying to get the best photograph and you’re not close to home!


Share Your Edited Images 

Shane Srogi knows that sharing your edited images is part of the photographer’s experience. A photograph can’t just live on your camera, you want to share it with the world. Learn to edit on an iPad or iPhone while on the go and share it with the world. Shane can show you the nuances of sharing your edited photographs while adventuring.



Bring it all home

Sync up your workstation with your mobile devices for a final edit and printing. You don’t have to be tied to a single spot with a clunky laptop or desktop. You have powerful editing tools right in your pocket or camera bag. But, when you’re ready for the final touches or your photograph is ready to print, you’ll want to make sure everything seamlessly transitions.



The Future of Mobile Editing 

Shane Srogi will discuss the ways photography editing is changing. Soon your powerful tablets and phones will be the main way photographers access their work. Will tablets and phones replace desktop and laptops in the future?

Take the workshop to find out more! Click here to register. 

Laurence Gartel Wows with Variety of Photoshop Workshops in April 

Laurence Gartel Wows with Variety of Photoshop Workshops in April by Katie Yates | All images ©Laurence Gartel 

Don’t be overwhelmed! With today’s digital tools, anyone (with some help) can create beautiful works of art, usually right in their living room. Here’s your chance to learn from Laurence Gartel, the legend who taught Andy Warhol. Other celebrities such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake have collaborated with Gartel. Gartel is considered the “Father” of the Digital Art medium for over 34 years. He has won numerous awards and has been featured in museums across the world… and now he can be YOUR teacher!

Gartel has a variety of Photoshop workshops offered in April which will fit any interest or need. Warm up with a creative workshop and expand your skills. Or step into our state-of-the-art West Palm Beach computer lab for a unique learning experience starting from scratch. If you’re new to Photoshop and want to learn more or have been using Photoshop for years and want to explore new horizons, check out these Photoshop workshops coming in April. 

Did you know? Sign up for and attend two Photoshop Creativity workshops with Laurence Gartel and get $50 off. Sign up for and attend three Photoshop Creativity workshops with Laurence Gartel and get $100 off. 

Photoshop Basics with Laurence Gartel

Start here if you’re new, need a refresher, or are struggling! Photoshop Basics will cover many of the different tools and techniques used to enhance your images in Adobe Photoshop. In this class, you will learn the basics of how to use color correcting tools, retouching tools,  selection/resizing tools, and more.

©Laurence Gartel

Photoshop Creativity – Basics & Beyond with Laurence Gartel

If you ever wanted a f-a-s-t overview of Photoshop, this two-day workshop will take you there.  We will review the Tool Bar with its infinite array of useful tools such as Burning, Dodging, Brushes, Cloning, Filling, Gradients, Smudging, Pen, Shapes, Saturating, Type, and much more.

Photoshop Creativity – Layers, Channels, & Masks with Laurence Gartel

Photoshop “Layers, Channels and Masks” is the next step after learning the basics. This workshop will give you more powerful tools in the advancement of personal skills. We will explore the combination of images and the manipulation of layers. Working with masking, we can go further and deeper into channels. The three elements combine to produce compelling imagery.

“Digital Art Portraits” with Laurence Gartel

Today with the tools of Photoshop, we can be endlessly expressive, and the potentials are endless. Whether we hand color, mix various modes of contract, hue/saturation, multiple layers of the same image, texturize our imagery there are creative possibilities. In this class we will work on our own self portraits *(or others) creating unique and different pictures worthy of gallery exhibition.


Learn Photoshop right here at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in beautiful downtown West Palm Beach. Grab inspiration from everywhere with one of the most thrilling and decorated instructors we have teaching! 


Photographers Travel to Cuba with Palm Beach Photographic Centre & Vincent Versace for Ultimate Photography Experience

Photographers Travel to Cuba with Palm Beach Photographic Centre & Vincent Versace for Ultimate Photography Experience by Katie Yates | All photographs ©Vincent Versace

Photography Students Return from Trip to Cuba 

Vincent Versace once again leads a group of photographers through the colorful streets of Cuba for a unique and unrivaled experience. They explored local neighborhoods few experience. They engaged in person-to-person activities with Cubans. They saw the everyday Cuba, the National Geographic Photographer’s Cuba. Ballet dancers, domino players, cigar rollers, and children enjoying ice cream, the photographers were presented with a buffet of imagery. With Vincent Versace guiding them, the photographers were able to capture images worthy of any gallery. 


Vincent Prepares for Second Photography Trip to Cuba March 23 – March 31

While exploring this historic and cloistered island, photographers on the Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s ultimate experience will meet historians, teachers, artists, musicians, naturalists, and more. They will have the opportunity to capture this rapidly-changing island as it is today—antique cars and all.  

Are you interested in visiting Cuba on this photographic journey with Vincent Versace? 

Your experiences will be unique and you will be fascinated by the authenticity of each and every day. A one-of-a-kind experience, with access to Schools, Artists, Musicians, Ballet figures and dance schools, Sports figures, Artisans, a cigar plantation, rum factory and much more.


  • Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department regulations
  • Travel on people to people license
  • Cuba Entry Visa
  • Legal Letter of authorization
  • Pre-trip departure information
  • Land transportation and local transfers in Cuba.  Transportation in Havana is in beautiful classic cars
  • Eight nights in high end apartments in Centro Havana
  • All Meals, at “Paladares” and unique private restaurants
  • Comprehensive educational exchange program, including entrance fees to places listed in itinerary
  • The required Cuban Insurance (health and evacuation)
  • Expert Tour Leader
  • All entrance fees that are listed on the itinerary
  • Full schedule of guided people-to-people activities

Travel to Cuba: The Ultimate People to People Experience

March 23 – March 31

Click here to learn more


FOTOfusion 2018 Instagram Giveaway!

Do you want a chance to win a free 100 series workshop at this year’s FOTOfusion 2018? We will be picking one lucky winner on January 16th.

To Enter:

1. Follow us on Instagram @Palmbeachphotocentre

2. Tell us what you love to photograph in the comments section and tag three of your friends.

It’s that easy!

P.S. Those who participate will be entered into an additional giveaway at the end of the month!

FOTOfusion 2018 is a digital photography festival running from January 23-27. In this unparalleled week of lectures, workshops, and photo shoots, students have the opportunity to learn with world-renowned photographers, editors, and photojournalists. You can see the full schedule by clicking here. 

Get excited! The winner of this giveaway will have the opportunity to select one of the following FOTOfusion 100 series workshops listed below:

101 Pointing Your Camera In The Other Direction with Tim Rasmussen

102 Fine Art Infrared (IR) Photography in the Digital Era with Joseph Meehan

105 Women in Photography: Hire us! with Melissa Golden, Naomi Harris, Robin Schwartz, Daniella Zalcman, Judy Walgren, Moderator

106 Creating Photo Composites on iPhones & iPads with Seán Duggan

109 Get the Most Out of Your Portfolio Review with Mark Murmann

110 The NEW Mobile Photography Shooting and Workflow Options with Jack Davis

118 Finding your Way: Photography, Life and the Personal Project with Brendan Bannon

121 Visual Literacy in the Time of Fake News: Is Ethics Dead?

122 Tell Me More: Merging Images and Verse with Susan Currie

125 Portraits: What’s Hot? What’s Not? What’s Important?

126 Expanding Your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques with Lewis Kemper

129 Finding Alternative Markets for Your Work

130 Exploiting the Power of the Lens with Joseph Meehan

133 The Private Conversation Between Ghosts and Cameras with Dr. Anthony Bannon

134 Warhol vs Gartel HYP POP with Laurence Gartel

137 The Personal Project

138 The Digital Short Documentary with John Reuter

141 How to Elevate Your Image Making with Mike Davis

142 Visual Storytelling and the Photobook with Daile Kaplan

145 Demystifying the Editorial Market with Kelli Grant, Timmy Huynh, Mark Murmann, Dave Weatherwax; Moderator: Santiago Lyon

146 Perception: Seeing vs Looking with J. Thomas Lopez

150 Shooting the B Roll with Kelli Grant

153 Learning from the Masters: How to Make Better Photographs with Daile Kaplan

154 Motion as an Added Dimension in Still Photography with Joseph Meehan

157 Shooting Sports for Today’s Market with Gary Hershorn, Adam Stoltman; Moderator: Steve Fine

158 Composition and Technique with George Schaub

161 How to Get Grants and Funding Your Own Projects with Brendan Bannon, Naomi Harris, Judy Walgren, Daniella Zalcman; Moderator: Mike Davis

Good Luck!


Take More Pictures: 10 Reasons to Make Photography One of Your New Year’s Resolutions


1. Get Some New Gadgets

If you’re a fan of technology, digital photography is a great way to plug into progress by acquiring nifty new gadgets, applications, software, and social media accounts. Whether you’re just taking pictures on your mobile device or jumping in with a new Digital SLR camera, there are plenty of lenses, equipment, gear, and tools that can improve your outcome and they are fun to use! Just ask the guys at the ProShop!


2. See the World Differently

Photographers have the unique opportunity to explore and capture the world. To avoid seemingly cliche, photographers learn how to see the world differently, and capture the rare scenes in even everyday situations.


3. Photography is Full of Adventure

No one adventures like a photographer! Whether it’s close to home or on the other side of the planet, photography gets you out and exploring!


4. Reach the Whole World with Your Photographs

With the touch of a button, you can share your photographs with everyone in the world, starting with your friends on social media. Tap into current events, express yourself, tell the story of your community and culture—photography lets you do it all.


5. Photography Can Be Therapeutic! 

There are many reasons why photography is good for your mind, body, and soul. Photographers have the opportunity to express themselves and socialize. They can meet new people, see new places, and get some fresh air while trying to capture a sunset or sunrise. All of these things may tie into some of your other New Year’s Resolutions.


6. It’s a Great Excuse to Go for a Walk

There’s no better reason to go for a walk than to take some pictures. You never know what you might see even if it’s just around your block.


7. Reconnect with Nature 

Photographers have a great opportunity to reconnect with nature by going out to photograph it. You’ll notice birds, plants, animals, scenes that maybe you never saw before. It can be exciting when you capture something as simple as a spider on its web early in the morning or a bird wading through the water.


8. Express Yourself! 

Photography allows individuals to express themselves. For example, our community outreach program for at-risk youth “Picture My World,” encourages and helps students give insight into community interaction and teaches that their voice can make a positive difference. Learn more about it by clicking here.



9. Tell a Story 

You have a story worth telling. You know the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” It’s time for your story to be heard—and seen!


10. Make New Friends 

Become a member of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre to meet other photographers just like you! Network, make new friends and learn about photography in this fun, exciting environment. Learn more about memberships by clicking here. 


Make photography part of your New Year’s Resolution. We have a full-range of workshops covering every interest and skill level in 2018. Take the first step— visit and or give us a call at 561-253-2600. We’d love to talk to you more about it!

FOTOfusion 2018: So Much To Explore

The final schedule for #FOTOfusion2018 is up and available on If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at the choices, you’re in for a treat. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store–there is so much to explore, from computer labs to photo shoots, studio workshops, panel discussions, and lectures. We even have location shoots with some of photography’s legends. If you’ve never taken a FOTOfusion workshop before, this is the year to do so. You will have the unique opportunity to network with other photographers, learn how to promote yourself and engage better with social media audiences. Meet your favorite photographers and discuss with them photography, methodology, and your work. This is an all-in-one rollercoaster of an experience for any photographer looking to expand their craft, vision, and toolkit.

For those who seek to squeeze the most out of their experience, we recommend the Gold Passport. Register before December 31, 2017 for a special early registration price.

GOLD Passport Includes:

  • Be able to submit a portfolio for inclusion in FOTOfusion Student Portfolio Exhibition
  • Unlimited 100 and 600-series Events
  • (1) 200-series FOTOshoot
  • (1) 300-series Computer Lab
  • (1) 400-series Master Workshop
  • 500-series Unlimited
  • (6) Portfolio Reviews (minimum)
  • All Fusion-Schmooze Parties
  • Free Admission to Gallery Exhibitions

Did you know?

You absolutely do not need to be a professional to enjoy FOTOfusion 2018. Take a look at our schedule. There are SO many workshops that are fun, fast, and perfect for any skill level. You will have the opportunity to explore the world like a photographer with a nuanced photography master.

For those looking to just get a taste of FOTOfusion 2018, we recommend the single event tickets.

If you’re a Member with the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, all 600 series Community Events are FREE.

Interested in photographing animals? Try Community Event 624 “My Animal History in Portraits” with Robin Schwartz. This community event is FREE for members and just $10 for the public. Robin writes, “Photographing animals and the people that are devoted to animals is what I have always cared about and the driving force in all my work. Photography and animals are my passport to each other. I see animals as my spiritual connection; my religion; my vice; my addiction. Animals calm me; comfort me – they save me.”


To see all 600 series Community Events, click here.

Check This Out!

100 series Seminar Workshops are just $90.00 for Members and only $100.00 for non-members.

Want to get the shot everyone else is missing? Try Seminar 101 “Pointing Your Camera In The Other Direction” with Tim Rasmussen. This seminar is geared towards helping you tune your eye to the less obvious. Rasmussen writes,  “Looking for photographs that change how we see a story requires a lot more work, effort and thinking. You really have to take risks and be able to see around corners so you can be in a position to make a photograph that others overlook or miss altogether.”


To see all 100 series Seminars, click here.

Don’t Wait!

Space is limited for all FOTOfusion workshops. If you’re interested, now’s the time to register. Questions? Concerns? Give us a call at 561-253-2600 our friendly staff is happy to assist you through the registration process. 

Make the Most of Your Mornings: Photography Tips from Instructor Shane Srogi


Photographing the uniqueness of morning light can be uplifting and inspiring.  There is something special about welcoming the first light of day.  That said, morning light is less predictable than evening light; don’t be discouraged by mornings that are less than spectacular.


1.  Get there early!

Digital cameras are very sensitive to light and the predawn light can yield some lovely results.

Set your alarm for a half hour earlier than you expect is necessary.



2. Know where the sun will rise.

Use an app like Sun Seeker.  Be Ready!

That sun rises quickly and the light changes from moment to moment.



3. Fog, Fog, Fog.

Certain times of the year, fog is more likely.

Make a note of when your mornings might be misty.

Example: In Florida, watch for approaching cold fronts.



4. The stillness of morning.

Some mornings are quiet and serene.

The grand rivers of the west are snow fed and run quietly in the mornings.

It takes a day of sun melting the mountain snows to cause them to turn into rushing torrents.



5. Keep photographing until that sun rises past 20 degrees in the sky.

As the sun rises and the fog burns off, the light reveals the hidden details of the land.

By mid-morning, the color rich warm light of the sun will turn more white.

The, go ahead and enjoy a morning walk exploring the landscape and soaking up the warmth of the sun!



 PS:  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.
A plentiful supply of your favorite hot coffee cuts that morning chill and makes up for lack of sleep!

I’ll be leading an early morning workshop, photographing our beautiful Florida Landscape during FOTOfusion 2018.


All photographs by Shane Srogi

Interview with Artist in Residence, Rachel Brown

The final workshop with our Artist in Residence, Rachel Brown, was offered today (October 25, 2017). We so enjoyed having her teach at the Centre! If you missed being able to take a workshop with her, take the time to read our interview with her below!

Rachel Louise Brown makes responsive work based on interactions with the unfamiliar. She observes the world as a stage, exploring alone and occasionally populating the images with willing strangers. Through these interactions, Brown endeavors to question the construction of society and to give a platform for the people and places that come before her lens. Rachel Louise Brown graduated from the Royal College Of Art in 2011 (MA photography), following a critical certificate in photography in 2009 (School Of Visual Arts, NYC) And BA (Hons) Photography (London College Of Communication) in 2008. Brown has exhibited and completed artist residencies internationally and is currently working on a solo show at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, opening in 2018.

Alongside her practice, Brown is photography director of Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country (UK editions) and regularly mentors students at UAL. She has previously worked for Steven Klein (production), British Vogue (freelance picture editor) and British photographer, Tim Walker (studio manager)

Q: What motivates you as a photographer?
RB: Creating a body of work that makes people see and think about the world differently.

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching photography?
RB: Seeing my students grasp the basics, put them into practice and watch them start to realize their own visual voice.

Q: How did you get started in photography
RB: My high school was one of two in the country that offered photography as a GCSE. I was creatively minded but no good at drawing so I took photography and fell in love.

Q: What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos
RB: That digital was going to come along.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the photographic process
RB: Searching for a subject

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about your residency so far?
RB: I have loved teaching at the Centre and meeting a new batch of students each time. Everyone different, with different interests but infectious enthusiasm and an inspiring willingness to learn. In terms of my own work here, I have enjoyed the evolution of the concept of the work, all the people and places that have let me into their world. I cannot wait to show it as a final exhibition.

Photographs by Rachel Brown

Palm Beach Photography Workshop Explores Farmers Market