Digitalization Services

 The price list below represents our usual and customary charges for basic digitalization services** 

Contact us for any special needs and discounts on large orders.  Phone: (561) 253-2600  Email:


Desktop & Web Scans:  Quality scans suitable for web use, layout, quick brochures, or small format printing from your Color and B&W Negatives or Slides, saved as JPEG or TIFF files directly to a disk or thumb drive. RGB TIFF is the default format. We will also scan prints up to 11″ by 17″ in size.

Price includes cropping, sizing, and reasonable color correction. For additional Retouching or Color Correction Please see prices below.

  • $8.00 ( 0 – 10mb) –  4×6 @ 300 dpi
  • $12.00 (11 – 20mb) –  8×12 @ 300 dpi
  • $18.00 (21 – 40mb) – 11×14 @ 300 dpi
  • $25.00 (41 – 60mb) – 16×20 @ 300 dpi
  • $35.00 (61 – 80mb) – 20×24 @ 300 dpi
  • Please ask (81mb or more)         

For Bulk Slide or Negative Digitalisation with or without editing please call (561) 253-2600 to get pricing


Basic Utility Scans

Scans of selected, un-cropped 35mm and medium format Negative or Slide images in standard file sizes (4.5mb, 6mb, 18mb, etc.) Suitable for casual screen viewing or for non-critical printing. File size varies with film format. JPEG files are recommended for casual viewing. TIFF files available on request. Single cut 35mm negatives must be mounted.

$5.00 Per image – Discounts available for large quantity orders



Digital Retouching & Color Correction

$120.00 per hour. Billable in 5-minute increments (5 minutes= $10.00)


  • Color Correction And Matching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Digital Manipulation And Enhancement
  • Color Restoration
  • Greeting Cards /Business Card Layout


Archival Digital Proofing

Files may be downloaded directly from your memory card or other media.

File sizes will be automatically adjusted within reason, print size determined by format.

Semi-matte surface.

$10.00 per page size 8.5X11

(Ask about larger format digital proof prints)


**Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.